Kamarossi Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Counting the Cost before and during commencement of projects also adding to your project by Aerial drone footage and 360 degree videos.


Here you can get more information regarding the type of documents we are able to handle and complete.

Below is a project where the Bill of Quantities were provided in PDF format and then converted to Excel as to enable us to import to RIB CCS.

The process is sometimes lengthy but as can bee seen this enables a full and detailed process of pricing to be done.

Forecasting or Programming during Tender process:

It is imperative to realize the extent of time needed as to complete the project once being awarded, therefore failure to plan will be planning to fail.

Planning or forecasting the works per item makes it possible to also pre-determine the forecasted cash flow of such a project. This will ensure that you are capable to see the financial implications to certain decisions prior to the decision being made.