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Counting the Cost before and during commencement of projects also adding to your project by Aerial drone footage and 360 degree videos.

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We utilize the latest software in RIB CCS (Candy) for our estimations as to ensure our clients receive the latest market related prices for their projects and tenders

From on-screen quantity take-off using the PDF drawings of the project we are able to compile a detailed Bill of Quantities including the quantities per item required

The full estimation process and project planning is done on the same software as to also allow the full analysis of the resources allocated per item, which ensure the Netto cost to company is determined prior to starting of any works. This enables the client to pre-determine their mark-up percentages as well as their Risk markup per trade

The drawing below is a PDF drawing issued upon the start of a project. All quantities were measured from the drawing and a detailed Bill of Quantities were created. but as per normal, a revisionwas issued and quantities was affected. By using RIB CCS we were able to immediately re-calculate the quantities to assist our client, making sure no losses were incurred and the project value could be addressed.



The Drawing above is the revision issued which does not clearly show all the changes but by using our software we piched up Foundation changes, Masonry, Concrete, Platering, Tiling and Roofing changes to name but a few.