Kamarossi Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Counting the Cost before and during commencement of projects also adding to your project by Aerial drone footage and 360 degree videos.


During the years of exposure in the Construction industry there is a few instances that stands out far above any reward that someone could have anticipated. Several instances exist, but this one stood head above water in its success.

Bushbuckridge - Water reticulation

During the project we installed several kilometers of water piping from the reservoir and pump station to the Rural dwellings. A total of 1,500 houses received Water connections in the premises. Close to completion an old lady and her husband, both in their eighties, came to meet us and whilst crying explained that this is the first time in 18 years they can get water right at their house. They had to walk 2.5 kilometer for water meaning 5 kilometers every time to get some water.

The fact that they had water meant cleanliness and restoration of dignity.

Furthermore we had another matter that indicated our success in this area. Prior to commencement of the project we introduced a training program during which we trained the SMME, QSE and ESE contractors in the pricing of quotations and Bills of Quantities, explaining in depth the way to work out the relevant resources, giving them some materials such as available resources for Labour intensive operations.

At the end of the project we could look back at contractors / sub-contractors that actually completed the project from start to finish and showed us proudly the percentage profits they had made. This in itself showed us to be on the right track


Therefore the vision for Kamarossi Consulting is to leave behind a legacy of training and hand-over of knowledge that we attained through our years of experience.

At the end, if we do not give our knowledge to another, we are selfish as we will enter the grave with all the knowledge and no-one will benefit from your mistakes and treasures of knowledge.

We strive to find the opportunities in projects to train and develop contractors as to ensure they become Vendors and get away from the "Small Medium Minor Enterprise" tag that hangs from their necks. This way we provide other companies and persons the opportunity to grow and also compete for sustainable business opportunities.